How To Set Cscart Que Only 1 Image Upload In Same Time

how to set cscart que only 1 image upload at same time and after done , then upload second image and so on

check attached picture 3 images are uploading at same time and my server hangs sometime on this setting ( i dont know how to fix it) :)

so I want to set to 1 image upload at same time.

Try to contact hosting support team and fix the server issue.

I have dedicated server and have access to all settings of the server.

I will be thankfull if you can help me where may be the cause of this problem exactly.

max file upload size is 512MB on server php

the main problem is that i face hang issue on uploading images and i have to reload page and retry until file get uploaded.

check in picture link below, you see 5th image hanged on upload and i cant save the page as it give me error: Warning :File uploading in progress. Please wait.

At first, check server error logs for new records