How to search orders by product name?

How can I search orders by product name and get a list of everyone who has ordered the product? Can this even be done?

You can search by ‘Ordered products’ in the advanced search which will produce a list of orders which include the specified product(s). Not exactly what you want but could get you the information you need.


I looked in advance search options but I couldn’t find ‘Ordered products’ . Can you let me know the location of Ordered products in advance search options? I looked under orders and products advance search options and didn’t see it.

It should be the last item in the advanced search options in Orders->View orders. This is in v2.0.8. What version are you running?


I’m using version 2.0.8.

I found Ordered products: After it it says any of 0 defined products: [+ add]. If I click on add and do a search it will only list the items not who ordered them. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

You need to add the products you want to search for on the sheet that displays the products - check off the products you want and hit the “Add products and close” button" at the bottom. Then hit the search button for the order search. The standard list of orders will appear which includes both customer name and email address.


EDIT: Just discovered there is a bug - if you search for more than one product, the search results are empty (see bug post #1314).


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