How to round item prices only

Hi All,

I have just finished a cart and now my client would like me to round up all the prices for the second currency (to keep them neat they tell me) so instead of having £20/€26 it would be £20/€30 - no problem I thought so I went into fn.common and altered the following:

function fn_format_price($price = 0)


return (float)sprintf(“%.2f”, round($price + 0.00000000001, -1));


Everything works fine and dandy, except that it rounds the shipping costs too (and if they were adding tax I guess that as well).

So my question to all you cs-cart guru’s is how can I have the rounding only on product prices and leave the other items alone ??

If I knew where the price gets fired first through the currency exchanger and then the formatter I might be able to work it out myself - so even that information would be fantastic too…