How to remove dynamic (?dispatch=) pages from google index

So Google has indexed a bunch of dynamic pages for my site (

If I do this search in Google: inurl:“index.php?dispatch=”

I get 11 400 results!

I am using the SEO addon, so as far as I can tell, there is no need to have any of these pages in the Google index at all.

I have added the line

Disallow: /index.php?dispatch=

to my robots.txt, but I am not sure that this will do it, since google has already indexed the pages, and (for the most part at least) they are still working URLs (not providing 404s).

Obviously it is out of the question to request the removal of these one-by-one using Webmaster Tools.

So I have two questions:

No 1: Is it likely to help my SERP if I do get Google to de-index these pages? I assume it will because each one carries the same content as the seo-name equivalent page.

No 2: Will these URLs drop out of the index in time if I leave the disallow command in my robots.txt? Or is there some other way I can get Google to remove these pages from their index? It would be handy if I could include a 'noindex' command in the robots.txt file but AFAICT this is not possible. I assume there must be a way to get these pages removed (without submitting 11 400 requests!) and I would really appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction.



How long since you have activated the SEO addon? You should not do anything and Google will figure it out.

Thanks for the reply – it's been a while since I activated the addon, around 2 months.

I started including the Disallow command in the robots.txt file about 2 weeks ago – should I keep that there or remove it?