How to position horizontally the shopping cart dropdown menu?


How do you move the drop-down shopping cart horizontally?

See pic:

its not easy, you have to rebuild the graphics and edit all the css related to the cart.

Graphics is secondary and easy. I cannot find what controls its position… I don’t think it is in a CSS file but done by some JS script…

If anyone has any idea where and what…

I found a little work around, that is to contain all that in its own smaller block while having that block aligned to the right, however, inside that block have everything aligned to the left. The drop down starts on the outmost left of the parent block, thus, this kind of fixes it.

it’s all in the css, I just did it.

what classes did you modify?

[quote name=‘TexasGuy’]what classes did you modify?[/QUOTE]

do just mean moving it around? like on my site

if so yes its based on css, but you also need move it out of any div wrappers first and thats easy to find out in customization mode