how to place code between the <body> and </body> tags?

Hi everyone

apologies if this is in the wrong section

I am busy creating my store and I came across this site for adding social plugins

the instructions are to add the following code between the and tags of each page that you wish to add the buttons to

can anyone tell me how to place the code (below) between the body tags for each product page - its probably really simple but I cant seem to get it working- I would ideally like to place the buttons in a place just under "add to shopping cart next to the wishlist options.

thanks in advance


Add to your site


Copy and paste the code below into your page between the and tags. The buttons will appear wherever you place them. Want to customize? Use our API.[/font][/color]

Create a custom block in “Products” location of the Block Manager.

Paste the Code there. Use {literal} {/literal} tags around the javascript

Thanks for the info - for some reason it is still deleting the references to the classes - i can get the standard facebook “like button” code to work via this method -i will keep working on it thanks

Get same problem here :( any idea ?

Hi Will,

Please let me your cs-cart version and the place where you wish to add addthis widget