How to perge undeliverable products at checkout?

I tried my best to look for it in codes and in settings.

Problem is:

If user add two products one of owner of cart (default vendor) and other of some vendor and vendor product isn’t available to his location (state) then it gives error that we don’t have shipping arrangement to that location but ideally I would like to show user option to purge undeliverable products.

I can see this:

{if $smarty.const.PRODUCT_TYPE == “MULTIVENDOR” || $smarty.const.PRODUCT_TYPE == “PROFESSIONAL”}

{assign var=“purge_undeliverable_url” value=“checkout.purge_undeliverable”|fn_url}

{if $display == “show”}{/if}{$lang.remove_undeliverable_products|replace:‘’:“”}{if $display == “show”}{/if}


{if $display == “show”}{/if}{$lang.text_no_shipping_methods}{if $display == “show”}{/if}


in shipping_rates.tpl but it never comes there. My employer is giving me bad time for it :(