How To Pay Vendors? So Confused

Okay, i'm trying to work out how to pay my vendors, after the customer has paid the marketplace. I understand the vendor or the marketplace need to make a manual withdrawal, but how is the money transferred...

I just need to be able for the customer to pay, and for me to receive the transaction fee and for the vendor to receive the rest. From what i can tell i have to be paid first, and then pay the vendor manually.

I'm not sure how i pay the vendor manually? is this the paypal commerce platform? if so i require the build notation code that is referenced in the cs-cart documentation.

Do i need stripe connect to go along side this?

If you do not use Stripe Connect or PayPal Commerce, this should be done manually. For example, request bank account details from the vendor and make wire transfer

right, okay so if we dont use paypal commerce or stripe. I literally have to contact the vendor and do it that way.

What if we use paypal commerce platform? how does the payflow work? from customer to marketplace/vendor? Do you know the build notation code for paypal commerce platform for cs-cart?

does stripe connect work in the same way?

do they need to be used together? or is it paypal commerce OR stripe connect? This is definitely not clear in any of the cs-cart articles.

Please find details here

it appers i have to ask cs-cart for the build notation code however their response time is very slow