How to pass data through as querystring parameter

Hi all,

I’d like to pass an extra parameter through the querystring. The querystring will be hardcoded in a non-cscart page, and it should look like this:



The question becomes: How do I pick this value up from within a cscart template? I only need to write the value into the page, as javascript will do the rest.

Any idea is welcome.

Thank you in advance.


Running cscart 2.0.14

Nevermind. I just parsed $config.current_url with javascript.

If you wouldn’t mind sharing, I’m interested in your solution.




I am looking for the value of the variable “shade” in the querystring:

first, get the url:

var current_url = '{/literal}{$config.current_url}{literal}';

Then parse the url

var shade = '0';
start_t = current_url.indexOf('&shade=')
if (start_t >-1) {
//alert ('start_t: ' + start_t);
start_e = current_url.indexOf('=', start_t);
//alert('start_e: ' + start_e );
// get rest of string after the = sign
url_rest = current_url.substring(start_e+1);
//alert('url_rest; ' + url_rest);
start_e = url_rest.indexOf('&');
//alert('start_e: ' + start_e);
if (start_e == -1) {
shade = url_rest;
else {
shade = url_rest.substring(0,start_e);

The variable ‘shade’ will be a string.

The //alerts can be used to debug, and can be dropped later.

Hope this helps.