How to open store in 2.2.4

Just completed a lengthy upgrade from early 2.0 version to 2.2.4.

I do not see how to open the store in the admin panel and do not see anything in the 2.2.4 reference guide.

How do you open the store in 2.2.4 after upgrading?

should be in a tab at the bottom of your admin screen if you are not logged in as a restricted admin. Make sure you are logged in for whatever name you have associated with user_id 1.

I am using IE9 … I actually see the tab with open store front while the screen is loading, but then it goes away when the dashboard fully loads? I am using the same login I always use. I tried Firefox to see if it was a browser issue … the admin pannel does not even seen to work in FireFox … I get a textual link representation of the items on the menu …

Hmmm now what? :(

I got it working … thanks for your response …

And your solution was…?

Hehe! For future reference … what was happening was a function of the WebRoot toolbar. I use WebRoot as my AV and for site and form password control. The WebRoot toolbar was generating a line in the toolbar portion of the browser offering to store my credentials for login to the admin console and it was pushing the Open Store Tab off the page. Once I responded to that request the request goes aways and all is well. I did not see that was what was happening initially.

This suggests that the Open Store TAB is not actually pinned to the bottom of the page and if you have tool bar components that dynamically effect the browser toolbar dimensions on the fly it can push that tab off the page. Probably nothing to worry about, but it did throw me at first … :)