How To Offer Coupon If Customer Leaves Site Without Buying

I know this has been asked on this site but I have not found anyone that has done this or explained how to do it. I want to offer a coupon to people who attempt to leave my site if they don’t buy anything. I want to be able to email this coupon to them to use instantly during checkout. Has anyone done this. If so, how did you do it.

Where you gonna get their email address? What if they’re just following a link and coming right back? Could be very annoying.

Doing the same say 3 days later on abandoned carts… That’s a different story.

[QUOTE]Could be very annoying.[/QUOTE]

I very much agree, personally this would drive me as far way from your site as possible Jezzzzzzzzzz. Basically I would very much feel as if I were being tracked (because I truly would be being tracked). :wink:

An email following an abandoned cart would be far more appropriate I believe simply because you have already received a sign of commitment & interest from this individual which loaded the cart with items from your store.

Instead of tracking through email I could leave a cookie on their server. If the cookie is active then I will not provide a coupon upon leaving the site. I could also provide a coupon if they abandon the cart.

Has anyone done anything like this? If so, how???