How to offer bundle deals using the promotions addon option?

Im trying to add some bundle deals to my shop. In theory it works however it doesnt work too well in my opinion.

Ill explain a little more about what im trying to do to give you a better idea of what i mean.

We are selling product A for £14.99, product B for £14.99 and product C for £4.48

We want to offer all 3 products for £24.99. There seems to be two ways of doing this. We can either make it so that if the customer adds all 3 products to the cart £10 is taken off the order. Alternatively, we can set the promotion up so that if someone orders product A they can get £5 off product B and product C is given away for free.

Both promotion set ups would achieve the same thing however it is ver limited. The main problem is advertising the promotion. When purchasing any of the products there is no reference to the promotion on the product information page. The only reference to the promotions is in the promotions link at the top of the page.

There is a reference to the promotion in the order page but I think it would be best to promote the bundle before the customer has reached the card. Also, using the second option product C is automatically added to the caart as being free even if the customer doesnt buy product B as well as product A.

The only solution I can think of is to list a new product in the cs admin panel which has all 3 items in the package. However, this makes it very difficult to keep the correct number of stock.

I think the promotions option has a lot of potential but at the moment it feels a little like a work in progress. It would be great if related promotions were listed in the product pages - ie. a link to the promotion was next to the product in question with thumbnails for the images etc. The actual promotions page would also look better if thumbnails were used instead of just plain text. As it stands, the promotion page doesnt even link to the products which are in the promotion which means the customer has to input the name of the product and search for it.

Has anyone been using the promotions addon to good effect? It seems very close to being a great feature but at the moment it remains lacking of what is needed for an online shop :slight_smile:


The CS Mod Club had proposed developing an Addon to do this here:


thanks for that

snorocket I get

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when I click on your link.

[quote name=‘cynthia’]snorocket I get

when I click on your link.[/quote]

it’s been deleted and no-longer an on-going development for the mod club

I also think that this should be a part of the promotions feature. It would make a great way to improve stickiness (or ability to keep customers/visitors) of a store. Basically create a product bundle option and be able to add products to it. Then set a price for the bundle and after customer completes checkout, they receive all the products in the bundle.