How to not charge for Handling?

So I was testing my website today to make sure payments were going trough fine and it does, but for some reason is charging $3 for handling. I charge $3 for shipping but I don’t remember a option to add handling charges. How do I change that so it doesn’t charge anything for handling?

I notice that this happens after I add the zip code of the buyer. First the price says its $.25 + $3 (shipping), but once I add the zip code it says $6.25 total. Here are some screen shots:

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I figured out the problem. I had Paypal setup to charge $3 for shipping, so basicly my website was charging the $3 and Paypal was doing the same. So, I left the shipping charges normal on my website but removed it from Paypal.

To remove it from PyPl this are the steps:

  1. Login to your PayPal.
  2. Click on Merchant Services.
  3. Click on Shipping Calculator.

  4. Select/Check your Shipping Method and click on Edit.
  5. On Shipping Rates change Rate to $0.