How To Modify Testimonials Layout?

How do I modify the testimonials block for my homepage? I've bought a theme which contains a hard-coded testimonials block. This sucks because I thought the theme we'd purchased would work out of the box, instead I'm stuck coding all the functionality for it.

I'm now at a huge stumbling block as I can't find any documentation how to get the testimonials from the CS-Cart API, otherwise I could build a simple for loop to output the code that came with the theme.

I them read that there is a built-in testimonial block in the layouts editor. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to edit it output of this block as there seems to be little to no options to customise this block. I've hunted through both the installed theme and the default themes that come with CS-Cart and can't find any files which reference the testimonials, so I have no idea how to edit this layout to what I need.

I just need a simple explanation of either where the file is that the testimonials template comes from or an explanation of how to get the testimonials and loop through them in a smarty temaplate.



Hi MadHatter,

Can you PM the link to the purchased theme, maybe I have it and I can guide you or you just send me an email here [url=“CS-Cart Free Add-ons, Modules and Custom Development | Hungryweb”]CS-Cart Free Add-ons, Modules and Custom Development | Hungryweb and we continue from there.

Keep on smiling,


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The default testimonials block can be found here:


All other files related with the Comments and Reviews functionality are located in