How to make T-Shirt product with front and back image

I would like to add a single product, e.g. white T-Shirt, that has two options.
One options to select, preferably via an image gallery, the image that needs to be printed on the front. And another option for selecting an image for the back.
Both options have a gallery with the same images.
I have about 50 images where people can choose from, but I do not want to create separate product variations for it.
I just have one stack of white T-Shirts, and print them when orders come in.

But how do I set that up in CS-Cart?

Thanks for your help!

Greetings, WilliamV!

Please check out our this add-on. We tested the described situation on our installation and it can be helpful to achieve your goal.

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Thanks!, but I think I need more help to understand how to configure it. Currently I see one option/dropdown on the “Adidas Shoe” in the add-on demo. But I do not see an option to that option a second time.
Could you describe how to configure it? And would It be possible to see both images in the the preview?
Like the front side of the T-Shirt and the second picture would then be the back-side. And if possible if no selection has been made yet, the T-Shift front+back with no print?

Greetings again, WilliamV!

It is very easy to configure. Will be correct to make one “Front” option and one “Back” option.
“No print” value is easy to make, and it can be made first in the list.

Just take a look at the screenshots below, they are self explanatory.
You can also add a modifier to each option which will result in the correct final product price.

Setting up an option:

Radio button view:

Selectbox view:

Please let me know if you have any questions left.

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