how to make some shipping method DEMO type?


i would like to work with a company with DropShipping type business

and want to set shipping method in this store same of that company shipping type

but need to register account in DHL , Fedex , … .

and need to declare my address is source address and fill to many another forms and …to this shipping companies.

and you know in dropshipping method real package sender is another one and maybe to be in another countries .


can anyone help me or have idea or add-on to resolve this problem.

summary demand is :

i want my store only have a major “shipping methods Demo” with calculate shipping rate ( real time and exactly rate is not matter) and will be better if i can config that (change calculate formula to same of another side company shipping rates)

and i want only show this rates to my customers and they can select one of this method.only this is enough. not need label , etc

my store version is 3.0.4

looking forward to your kindly reply.

sincerely Yours


It sounds like you need the suppliers function? Admin->Settings->Suppliers

You definitely need to read up on it because it can become confusing depending on how many suppliers and shipping methods. CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation