How to make Shipping cost no of item depent

Hello …
I am new to cs cart…
In my website i want to make shipping cost depend on no of item in cart…
Suppose if shipping cost of 1 item is 20 then for 2 item it should be 20x=40…
I don’t know what changes are required for doing this
Please help…

Different ways to do this

You can use money values so $40 = $2 shipping
Or 40 x 2 = $80 =$4 shipping.

Look at the manual for your version under shipping.

You can also use weight

Go into shipping methods
Select or create the desired shipping method (if you create it you will have to hit “create” button before the next field will appear) …
Go to shipping time and rates tab
Select a rate area
Click on the cog at the end
Select item conditions
Enter the number of items e.g. 1 to 100
Click the Surcharge/Discount drop down menu,

  • “per item” will display, tick it.
  • make sure “absolute” selected
  • enter the $ amount you want to charge per item in the surcharge/discount box
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