How To Make "first Name And Surename" Mandatory At Guest Checkout Lite


somehow the field "first name and surename" is not mandatory at guest checkout lite.

I can't fix this in the normal profile fields menu in CS-Cart.

Any ideas?

Best Bernhard

See attachment

Bildschirmfoto 2020-03-08 um 14.46.34.png


try to add

{$fullname_field.class = 'cm-required'}

before the following line of code

{$fields[$name_field_id] = $fullname_field}

Then clear cache

(!) Not tested

does not work unfortunately. Tested it. Any other idea?

Correct code is

{$fullname_field.checkout_required = 'Y'}

Please try

works! perfect! thank you so much!

You are welcome! :)