How To Make Existing Vendor Into A Storefront (Mve Ultimate)

I know how to create storefronts. But what I want to do is to convert (copy) some vendors to their own storefronts. I.e. have all products, information, categorizes, etc. all be in the context of that vendor.

Ultimately I'd like to be able to select which location the customer is shopping. The products are not 'ship able' so everything is done by pickup location.

Is there some way to have a new storefront be created from a subset of the main storefront?

My customer wants to sell a service where they can offer an encapsulated storefront for specified vendors where they cannot get to other vendor's products without going back to the main storefront.

The concept is that they enter the main site and select a location. That location is tied to a vendor and the location would open the storefront for that vendor (and I'll add filters for product inventory at locations). so only products available at that location are visible and the customer can select other locations within that vendor's locations.

I'm actually surprised that this capability is not part of MVE ULTIMATE. Or maybe it is and I'm just missing it.

So you mean that you want a storefront, where all content is limited to a vendor, but preserve stuff like category structure?

Effectively yes. Want to be able to have open a new tab that is a storefront where all the products, filters, categories, pages, etc. are now part of that new storefront without having to duplicate all the data from the main store. Needs to be where the customer can't navigate away from that vendor's storefront without going back to the main store (and might want to disable that logo/link too). The goal would then be to add a 'location selector' where the products, etc. would be limited to what's available from that location. The session should also be unique to a storefront so the normal multiple vendor products in an order can't occur.

Trying to do it without a unique storefront looks to just be a bunch of hacks (logos, breadcrumbs, etc.)..... Right now a vendor is opened as companies.products&company_id=123 which is just what they want. But there are too many ways to leave the context of the vendor.....