how to make automatically change Localization after change location?


i would like my website change LOCALIZATION after customer select location


Localization 1 with the content countries : A

Localization 2 with the content countries : B , C , E , F

and Localization 2 set to default

my demand is found a way for set automatically localization 1 while customer fill A country to that field in profile shipping address and change automatic after customer make change country to B or C or …

can anybody help to me found solution for this?

and i have a question : localization option check the customer IP or No ?


farhad shahmohammadi

i also disappear all caetgories. after set localization. i watting cs-cart reply

Hi Farhad,

Do you allready got the answer to your question? As I've got the same question.



This is the suggested sollution from CS Cart:

The IP address is detected at once and the appropriate localization is selected when the customer enters your site. But you can let the customers choose the localization.

Take the following steps for this modification:

  1. Open the config.local.php file which is located in the root directory of your CS-Cart installation.
  2. Replace the following line:

    'disable_localizations' => true, // Disable Localizations functionality

    with this one:

    'disable_localizations' => false, // Disable Localizations functionality

  3. Clear up the cache of your store.

  4. Go to Design > Layouts (or Design > Blocks in v.3.0.X.)
  5. Create a new block with the Localizations template. The template is available in the Create new block tab of the block creating window.

    Then the customer will see the block and be able to choose the necessary localization.