How To Make A Comments Box Into Rich Text

So that we are able to copy paste data in tabular form in the comments section.

You should integrate the following markup data

You should integrate the following markup data

Hi Ecom,

Your answer seems to be something else as compared to the question. I am looking for making the comments box in the order panel to store data in rich text form so that if I need to copy some data in tabular form I should be able to copy it and save it in the comments input box.

Need this for v4.2.4 MVE

You can try adding a 'cm-wysiwyg' class to the 'textarea' in design/themes/[your theme]/templates/views/checkout/components/customer_notes.tpl. I.e:





It works thanks.

Just one issue now that the data added in tabular form in this comments field is saved as plain text only the text area is shown as wysiwyg control but not saving the data in it in that html format.

Sorry, I thought about Google Rich Snippets for some reason :)

To fix the issue from post #7, please open the app/controllers/frontend/checkout.php file and add


after the following line of code:

if ($mode == 'place_order') {

Works great, we want to do this on the payout screen as well. Companies > Account Balance > New Payout. Which file do we need to add the above code ?