How To Make A Addon Installer

hello frnds i'm new in cs-cart , any one can tell me how to make a addon installer.

i was try a hello world but here a error "issue with file structure".

Make a compressed tar archive of your addon all relative to the root of the store. Directories to consider:








Do not include design/themes directory structure. If addon is properly built, it should install those from var/themes_repository.

Please also check the following articles:

Please check also CS-CART ADD-ON BUILDER

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part of

thanks for help

hello i tried this structure but i got an error "ErrorIncorrect add-on structure. The uploaded pack cannot be installed."

Given that it works for the rest of us, can only assume that your path names are NOT relative to the root of the store or are not using the correct directory structure.

Maybe an example of your archive listing (partial)?

yeah, now it works in new setup, thanks for help.