How To Link To Another Product From "full Description" Field

What I really want to do is have a list of Alternate/Substitute products for a particular item. For example, there might be a generic, cheaper part available if they don't want to pay for the OEM part.

Since I don't see that functionality, I am trying to just identify alternate parts in the full description for the particular part in question. The issue is that I don't just want to link to it using the SEO generated URL for the product page since that might change in the future, and thus I would have a data maintenance nightmare. I tried using the non-SEO URL, but it appears that when SEO is enabled, the system will not honor those URLs.

Any ideas? Is there some meta code I can use to just specify the Part Number or uniqueID for the database record?

I have noticed this years ago, but what I have learned is cs-cart doesn't have this function.

I remember very long years ago I have seen the WDYSWDYG editors have a jsscript functions to get CMS url structure from CMS code and on the editor you could chose the page you wanted to link for the keyword you wanted. the same thing could be done for cs-cart, but who is going to do it? cs-cart company? or some developers around?

this is really important function for SEO. if there is any solution, I am really interested to get this done.

An addon could be created that would manage the interoperability/replacement of different products. You could then have a tab (versus the description) named 'Alternative/replacement products' that would be thumbnails/links to the SEF URL's of those compatible products. The expensive part of the addon would be managing the replacement products for each product, import/export, etc..

You can use non-SEO URLs in the description ( /index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=123 ). The system will make 301 redirects to correct URL automatically