How to let customers pick free samples with their order?

I wonder what the best way is to let customers pick free samples?

If a customer orders with us we generally send some free samples along to stimulate business. But as we have many products, its a hit and miss. It would be much more effective if the customer can choose which samples they want.

I could create a free products category that customers can choose from, but that would let customers select an unlimited amount of free products.

its interesting how iherb has done it: Proben

Does anyone have a clue how to do this? Is there an addon or stock function for this?

I looked into this for a friend and it proved to be more tricky than first thought. I know that Alt-Team can quote on it for you as we were going to use them before my friend gave up on the idea.

The other thing is the samples you add have to be products as you say, but do you add them with a status of “hidden”? Or do you let everyone see them at any time? Then there is the enforcing of the rules like you mentioned; limiting how many samples are given out, and if the sample are only made available if the order hits a certain dollar amount.

I do think it would be a worthwhile commercial add-on.

I already tried a couple of ways to implement this but never really found THE way to do this and i removed it from the site again.

So at the moment, most of our customers just leave a message at checkout if they have special wishes. If they don’t (but they almost always do) we’ll choose for them. Sometimes it’s a miss but we have many cases where customers mail us and say: “wow I had never chosen that myself but thanks so much for letting me try this I’m addicted now!” - or something similar ;)

This actually goes well and I think letting them choose can also even be a disadvantage. However, I do think it’s an interesting idea to make something for this that really works, but I haven’t really though of a way yet that doesn’t clutter checkout and simply works.

Here is another way of doing it:


As far i can see on if i try to buy a product, for ex: [url=“Natural Factors, Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia, by Michael T. Murray, N.D., 142 Page Paperback Book”][/url]

qty = 1 > 100% discount

qty = 2 > 50% discount

qty = 3 > 33.3% discount

first product is free and i pay only for the rest of units, but if i create another order should check if i buy the product before( maybe check only last month, users are able to receive free sample of that product every month ), if yes i will not receive discount for first product:

Order #1:

3 x Natural Factors, Stress, Anxiety… price $1.94 Item Total $3.88

Order #2:

3 x Natural Factors, Stress, Anxiety… price $1.94 Item Total $5.82

This is the way you wish to work ?