How to keep product images in just one or two places (folders)?


After update cs from 2.0.6 to 2.2.4, I have lost big amount of traffic that's because of the change of the image folder since most of my product's images rank on 1st-5th position on google image and now all gone.

2.0.6 have 3 folders for images are 'detailed', 'products' and 'thumbnails'.

And now 2.2.4 I have folder '0' folder on 'detailed' folder, and have many sub-folder on 'thumbnails' folder, while on 'products' folder have no thing.

Seem like there is a kind of auto create image folder which I don't know how it work.

Can someone shade some light on this? How should I do to force the upload image to go to 3 folders as 2.0.6?

Which file should I look to fix this problem? Thank you.

Found it. :grin:

Care to share? :D