How to install SSL? Step by step

Hi Guys,

I purchased a standard SSL certificate (Alpha SSL - through SiteGround), but whenever i try to enable the secure connection in the checkout, administration,and authentication in the Administration/Settings/General - i get an error message saying: “The Secure connection check has failed. Please check HTTPS setting in the config.php file and make sure that SSL certificate is installed on your server.”

when i check with [url][/url] whether the ssl is indeed installed on my server i get a positive answer (

can anyone help with a step by step guide?


Who is your host? You need to upload the certificate into this folder:


Then you need to go into the control panel of your host and follow the instructions for adding a SSL.

I hope that give you some guidance. You can also ask your host and they should be able to take your certificate files you received and post them and apply them in your control panel.


Double check this file config.local.php and make sure you have the correct setting to reflect your secure https directory

Look for this section in your config.local.php file:

// Host and directory where cs-cart is installed on secure server

$config[‘https_host’] = ‘’;

$config[‘https_path’] = ‘’;

It looks like a curl_exec problem on your server. Can you see your page with a https on the begin?

I bought SSL from alpha. I would like to add a SSL Seal to my home page. Alpha SSL guys provided a Java script to display seal. Pls help how to add java script to my home page to support SSL Seal.


Depends on what version you are on. 2.0.10 has html blocks so that would be best. I am on version 2.0.8 so I use banners.

In 2.0.8, create a banner and paste the code in your banner. I did this:

  1. Created a banner called Security Seal and pasted the code from Go Daddy (my SSL provider).
  2. When to Design | Blocks and created a block called Security Seal and choose the following:

    Block Content: Banner

    Filling: Manually

    Appearance Type: Original

    Wrapper: Leave on –

    Save the block and then add that block to whatever pages you want to. I added to All Pages.

    Hope that helps.



Thank you very much. I will try sometime today evening and let you know the status. Thank you once again!


I was able to add SSL Seal to my website. Thank you soo much.