How to increase number of subcategories on view

As shown in the attached screenshot, only the first six subcategories are shown before there is a “View More” link. How can I increase this limit so that all subcategories are shown on this drop down rather than forcing the user to click “View More”. Because I only envisage having at most 8-9 subcategories, it would be more convenient for the user to see them all here.

From some old forum postings I thought that editing the “top menu_dropdown.tpl” file might do the trick, but any change I made didn't change the way the menu was displaying.

Would anybody know which file(s) and which line(s) I need to edit to make the change – or perhaps the solution is simpler than this?

Thanks in advance!



There is a setting for the top menu block.


Thanks for the reply. I found it. Only kicking myself that I didn't find it myself.

For anyone else, find your Top Menu block in your main layout, click Block Options, and next to the Template dropdown click on Settings. There if you set the “third level elements” accordingly.