HOw to import CSV catalog with ALL OPTIONS???

Dear people,

as HTML designers(mostly of time) we are in need for help concinering featured request.

1.Our vendor-client who is a wholesale trader wants enomrly large number of products imported in their CS cart.

The question is that we’ve tested “importing as a CSV file” function and works fine for all 26 features.

B U T there NOT features that enable putting product options into CSV file so we have to do it by hand that is very very time consuming and we have not avaible time for such a wasting time operation.

For instance if our wholesale client has a 1500 different T-shirts and each of them comes in 10 different colours and in 5 differnet sizes,how can we put that into CSV file before upoloading-importing into CS cart database?

Importing function is a very amazing capability towards other shopping cart but isn’t a bit stupid having not possibility to add product options into “import as CSV” file?

Can we just create new row?

But we don’t now the name?

Maybe this is a feature in new 1.3.4 version?

Or maybe it can be applied right now?

We are willing to pay just give us a hand!

Thanks you are all good people.

We’re having the cs-cart development team do something like this for us, but for pricing levels rather than colors. As I understand it, importing extra options is currently not something supported out of the box (though I agree, it would be very nice!), so you might want to contact the cs-cart development team and get a quote. They’re usually pretty reasonable.

Good luck!