How To Implement Show More/less Button On Description Of Categories In Cs-Cart V3

How to implement this in cs-cart v 3

This Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground


or anything similar and which is possible.

Basically I want the description to have show more button when user clicks the whole article displays may be with some sliding effect.

or may be j query. I am not much of a technical guy.

Please help anyone with detailed information how to do it. Thanks

Any Help???


if you mean a more button in a multicolumn list you can then input following


{if $show_add_to_cart}




into your product_multicolumns_list.tpl for that.

The result will be like this


This is not what I mean, I want read more read less in categories description

Any one else who can help??

bump any helpppp


Our team will be happy to add this functionality for you. If you are interested in it, please contact us via the “Get a free quote” button on our website.

any help??

In my experience customers never read the description anyway and the longer it is the less likely they will so keep the description to a sentence or so and put things like dimensions, special features etc in tabs.

You can do this all within html in your description data. Have your hidden areas have class 'desc-hide' and then have a jQuery button that will toggle the display property and change the button text. You should be able to eaily search of for something like “jQuery show/hide” in Google for details.

Can you please help me implement step by step @tbirnseth

The info is available on the web. Suggest you search and implement or hire someone to help you. Advice is free, work is not.