How to i import a CSV with images in 1 tabel

i have a csv from a other shop to import to cs-cart but when import it only take the first image and not the rest of the product image is there a good way to fix this

in excel all images are in 1 table like this

There is a field called “Images delimiter” in import configuration, have you set it up?

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Hi no dont think so where do i find this because i dont see this

It is available in “File” tab when editing product import settings.

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many thx found it think its working


You are welcome :slight_smile:

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hi robert
maby you know this also
in the csv i have 3 tabels with 1 catagorie
how do i import them so then it comes like Headwear snapback Arc is 1 catagory

Please show us an example

yes sure here you go

In this case it will be better to concatenate them in the spreadsheet, since in CS-Cart import feature, you cannot make separate columns to interact with each other.

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For example Headwear///Snapback///Arch

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I haven’t tried with 3 deep categories but try mapping it like:

Category NL_Category_1
Secondary Category NL_Category_2
Secondary Category NL_Category_3

this i tryed but then he put only 3 catagories but not combined

It can be “categories delimiter” related issue. Please check import settings

Then you are going to have to modify/edit the file before import like @CS-Cart_team and @soft-solid mentioned.


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hi yes i added this in the csv so now its ok
many thx all of you