How to hide Subcat names

I am using blocks in categories to display subcat by pics (see attachment)

How to hide original but redundant subcat names showing after the block?


Check out this link. It provides subcategories with images. I used this one and it works great.


Admin/products/categories,then make hidden or disabled the categories you dont want.

@ jonbol1

Good idea but hiding subcat will hide it completly.

I like to hide the redundant subcat name only.


Thanks for the link. Had it successfull installed. Pretty easy. Thanks to Brandon too!

One more question: I get 2 colums with subcat pics

Is there a way to change this to 3 or 4 colums?


The columns are set at the top of view.override.tpl. Just change the 2’s to 3’s or 4’s.


Thanks a lot Brandon.

It suits perfectly my need with 3 colums.

But…as I am never satistisfied :wink:

By me “onclick” on subcat pics opens an empty pic and leads nowhere.

I would prefer to have “onclick” disabled on the picture or have it leading to the corresponding subcat.

Probably very basic for programmers but am unable to find it even after spending some time with firebug.

I’m sorry, I guess I just don’t understand what you want.

With the subcategory images, when you click on a category image, it should bring you to that subcategory or product list.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “onclick”. If you could explain what you want a little better, I might be able to help.



Sorry for confusing explanation.

Im my case when clicking on the picture, it does not lead to the corresponding subcat.

See resuult as screen copy.

Clicking on the title is OK

Thanks for your time!

Screen copy.jpg