How To Have Buyers Appear On Product Page

Looking to have each buyer's username appear on the product page and having a hard time finding information on how to do it. Any help would be appreciated!

If the question wasn't clear what I want to do is this.

Every time someone buys a certain product their username will appear on a list ON the product listing page for that specific item. I know there is a way to do this but not sure how to go about it.

We can do this for you if you like. Just click the Get-A-Quote link in my signature and give us your requirements.

Do note that I think this might generate some negative privacy concerns for your site unless you have it setup to ask purchasers if they want to opt-in to having their name associated with your products.

Unfortunately, mentioned feature cannot be created with few lines of code. We can also offer you custom development service. Feel free to contact us

Use the get_product_data hook.

Scan the DB for orders where users purchased the product

Create the list (determine if/how you want to include anonymous users). You'll have to do joins to the users table to get actual names or extract them from the orders.

Apply a template variable using that data.

Use one of the many template hooks to present the list on the product details page.

This is a few hours of coding/testing by someone who knows what they're doing in cs-cart. It's not simple, but it's not big either. Just has to be thought through and implemented correctly so that it will survive upgrades and not be a huge performance impact. Rather than scanning the orders table very time for each product, suggest you use a post controller for the checkout.complete controller to create a table of products by user_id to make the look up of users more efficient.

Thank you for all your answers guys! I think I have decided to go a different route with things but I will keep in mind that I can just pay you guys if I'm stuck in the future :mrgreen: