How to get the design User Guide

Please Help. I have taken over a project from somene that half finished an store front. Of course it is using cs cart. Anyways the previous developer will not give the client any information on support even though the client tells me that he had bought CS Cart from him. Anyways I have never used cs cart and want to learn how to use it. I noticed that there is a CS Cart design guide that is available if you have support or a reseller or something. How do you get that guide if you are in my position? I logged in and here I am I have scoured thru the forum for answers, but from what I can see that guide is the map for which .tpl file is for what section. I really appreciatte any help.

The “Design integration guide” document is located on the File area page of our Customer Help Desk for the logged user. But only a license owner has access to the files there. So you are able to ask your client to get any file from the File area for you. Also you can find “Design integration guide” on our site: [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation