How To Fix Privileges For My Addon?


I have an addon X.

After enabling the vendor privileges setting full access in general.

Inside Ad-don privileges there are two options manage X and view X.

When I select only View X then the location of addon is visible which is inside customers. tab. But now i can not do any thing apart viewing.

When I enable only manage X then it tab disappear from the customers tabs, but the places i have used the function now i can do that. though the tab is now not visible.

If I enable Both then it works same as the addon is supposed to work no problem.
But for some other addon while enabling the vendor privileges only manage is available

How to make view also visible for it. Or is there some way to make only one option and selecting that option both are available.

Please let me know what to change in and vendor_multivendor.php

Thanks and regards.

You may need to have default="Y" in your privileges table.

Thanks it got Fixed.