How to find links for pages?

OK, being a Joomla user, this one has me stumped. When creating quick link or top menu, how in the world do you find he links for the pages your trying to link to? I'm trying to create a link to the news page and I'm scratching my head as to what the URL is?

Most other platforms (Joomla,WP, etc) has a link generator so it's just a few clicks to create a menu item.



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Is there any other way (or documentation) on how to find these URL's?

I enabled the news block then copied the View All link to get that.

No documentation that I am aware of. Just hover or click the link to get the URL. Some may be SEOed and, like this example, some are not.

Now that we're pushing forward and learning about CS-Cart, this seems like a BIG oversight on the development?

I wouldn’t say "BIG"oversight…just an old worn out bridge that is crossable if taken the right steps. :P