How To Export Registered Account Emails To External Email Software?

How to export registered account emails to external email software?

A few upgrades ago my account emails stopped getting exported and I didn't realize it as I rarely send newsletters.

I had a friend help me in the past set this up but he has moved away and I lost track

Now I can't see how it was done.

Any general advice on where to look for an API perhaps?

Note account emails less opt outs show up in my server based newsletter software list.

Thank you!

What about Administration -> Export data -> Users ?

That would be easiest way but you will loose any "opt out" that may have been done and it certainly doesn't imply any opt-in.

Thank you for your ideas - but the opt-outs can't be lost that would be a large problem.

Also in the past I don't think there were opt-ins everyone who registered was added the newsletter list.

The list was kept in a MYSQL database connected to the email software on my server.

I wonder if some code was added to my CS cart MYSQL?

Please take a look at Email Manager add-on

Please take a look at Email Manager add-on

Thank you for your post and suggestion - but I already have very good email software - I simply need to find how in the past my CS Cart store was set up to export emails as it currently has stopped exporting - probably due to a past upgrade issue.