How to enter product into CS-Cart through other sources?

Is there any way that i could use Microsoft Access or any other sources to enter the products in to CS-Cart? I have like more then 5000 products from my supplier that i have to enter and i would like to know if i could easily enter into CS-Cart through any other sources then entering each individual through Product entering from Admin Panel.

Thank You

Almost every one of these type of “imports” ends up being custom due to the nature (and diffference) of the incoming data format anc content.

So basically, there’s nothing “out of the box” that will meet your needs, but many developers (myself included) have done several integrations from a variety of different import formats (mySQ, MS Access, CSV, XML, etc.).

If your data is in MS Access, then you should be able to export it into CSV with column names and formats correct for a standard import into cs-cart.

Thank You