How To Edit The Default Permission Text For The Gdpr?

How To Edit The Default Permission Text For The Gdpr?

Looking now at the manual - it may solve my problem...

I think I am OK now.

and the answer is, which may help others ?

The answer is to look at the manual which in this case has several steps and step three talks about editing.

So go to the tab and there are several areas to edit.

I selected all the areas and edited the text to be simpler and shorter.

I just went to my site and checked it worked.

All is well - often I don't find what i need in the manual but in this case I was able to make my changes quickly.


By the way I looked at your website - a great business. I used to be interested in custom digital printing (we are in the fashion business) but I think that support for digital printing is more than I can take care of...

I will wait a few years hopefully technology will improve and costs will go down...

thanks for the answer :)

yes technology is changing all the time as you probably are aware .


You are welcome.

This was a rare time when the answer was easy - quite happy as I am not good at coding...

In addition to going forward with digital printing I am going backwards and considering using wood stamps for printing like the old days.

I also have a farm so am growing some dyes like madder.