How to edit the "Checkout" Link in Popup Box 2.0.12


Does anyone please know where to edit the “Checkout” link in the new added to cart notification pop-up in v2.0.12

I would like it to point to the “Cart” page.

Thanks in advance.



Found the file i needed to edit in this post here:


Been looking for hours how to do this. Someone has done it before, please can some post which file and the code that needs edting to change the checkout link within this box to divert to the view cart page. Thanks.

I’m trying to find this too… :mad:

[quote name=‘ogia’]I’m trying to find this too… :mad:[/QUOTE]

FOUND IT! views/products/components/product_notification.tpl

I kept having trouble because the box would disappear before I could grab details with Firebug. I found a post mentioning setting the time for the box in the Appearance settings, so I temporarily set it to 0 so it would not disappear and I was finally able to find the template name in the code. :rolleyes:

Change the code in the product_notification.tpl from dispatch=checkout.checkout to checkout.cart on the below statement:

{include file="buttons/checkout.tpl" but_href="$index_script?dispatch=checkout.cart"}