How to easily create Custom Landing Pages for seasonal Products?

Hi, we want to create a few sortiments within cscart. Pages for Winter Season, pages for landscaping products etc.

I could not find an easy way to create these.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you read this article? For products, it involves more steps than it discusses. For instance you will most likely need to create a new block for manually entering products.

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Ok thanks - I was hoping for an easy way to add a bunch of products, add title and done haha.

Nothing really easy on CSCart :wink:

There is an easier way for products if you don’t mind the layout of the category page. Create a category and hide it so it doesn’t show in your category list, then use the URL to link to it.

Great idea - I will try this.

I also tried to create a new page, created a product layout (page view) for this and added a few product blocks. Not sure which is the more elegant solution yet.