How To Delete Products Listed In Excel File


I have an excel list of about 500 products that should be deleted. Is there a way to do that massively form the excel itself or in some other way?

Deleted from the website?

if so I import the "Product code" and also the "Status" column with entry in status column set to "D" (for disabled

I then go to products list on website admin>view 100 products and "sort by status" till disabled products group together, then select all and delete, should only take 10 mins or so.

You will also be able to do via phpmyadmin by an sql query to delete all products with status of "D" but I feel admin is safer


I wouldn't advise deleting products via phpmyadmin. There are other tables related to products.

Put them to ToDelete category via the csv file, make an import and delete this category


thank you eComLabs, this sounds like the right solution.



You are welcome!