How To Delete Cache Of A Particular Template?

Hello all,

I want to clear cache of a particular template. Is it possible in cs-cart? Actually, i am using


Which will delete whole cache, result in slow down the store. Which is not acceptable by any store administrator. There is a function also "del($key)", but i dont know how to get $keys. Please some one help me to fix this issue.


Satendra kumar

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I'm not sure if the system will respond well to having just one template cache entry removed. I would suggest you not do that and that you use the function fn_clear_cache($params) using $params to tell it which cache you want to clear. This has the advantage that it will handle other caches that may be in place like varnish, etc. without you having to know about it.

Go to var/cache/templates/YOUR_THEME/directory and find file which contain required file name at the end of the name. Then delete it

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It is very helpful.