How to delete a product feature by XML importing?

Is it possible to delete a feature of a product only by XML import?

In Multivendor, during the XML import, products were imported, some of which have a feature (COLOR) that was created by the vendor by mistake.

Can these features be deleted?

We can only overwrite the value of a feature, e.g. in the case of a color from “blue” to “yellow”, but we cannot completely remove a feature once it has been created.

We can do this in the CS-Cart administration, but there are many of these products. We need to do it by import.

I don’t use XML but with CSV if you import with an empty/blank value, it should remove it.

Edit: Are you wanting the feature removed all together? If so, you can just delete it from the features list.

I tried to import the empty value (in XML and CSV), but unfortunately the original value still remains for the product.

Yes, we can delete the feature comletely, but we still need it for other products.


You cannot clear all the features, but you can make the following:

  1. Create a new feaure.
  2. Import all the products with the column Features, in which specify this new feature only. Something like this: "Test: S[1]"
  3. Delete this feature.

This will clear all the features from the products that you will update this way.

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