How to delete a global option on ALL products?

Adding a Global Option in bulk to multiple products is a great available feature in CS. But… how to delete a Global Option which has been added to a couple of 1000 products? I’ve to go through every single product and remove the options.

Any idea??

TTP, wondering the same thing. Perhaps a database process, or is there a way within CS backend? Thanks!

To answer Yvomans and my own question, and for anyone else, I used phpMyAdmin and deleted the records in the tables with names beginning with “cscart_product_options…”.

There were 7 tables for my version of CS, and after I tested to make sure I wouldn’t mess anything up, it took maybe 1 minute to delete all affected records in each table. (Note, I got rid of the records in the each table, not the table itself obviously.) Problem solved, at least for me.

As always, delete at your own risk, and be sure to backup before changing anything.

Hope this helps.