How To Create Page With Special Products?


I am looking to create new page or new top navigation link that can take me to the set of special product list.

I created new location under layout, but I do not know how to use that layout location in new page.

Please advice.


Please let me know how do you define special products?


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Hi, depending on your needs, you could create a new category “my special product list” (or whatever you want to call it) and set that category visibility to “hidden”

Then go into your products and add them to this special category. Provide a link to the page and you wont even have to build it, it will simply be a category view page.

We've just done this for a “staff picks” page - a number of our products that we've selected have been added to this second category and we link directly to it in our menu.


As alternative you can create a CMS page with the description of your “special offer” and add a block with the products in the block manager under the main content.