How To Create Footer Link Pages? What Page_Id's Should I Use?

In the footer blocks there are many links like this

  • About us

  • Contact us

  • What is CS-Cart?

  • Privacy policy

  • page_ID=2 will always link to About Us. Even if no such page exists. Does anyone know the full list of page_id's?

    All such pages are missing on my install. How do I create those?

    I have 6 languages on my install, so using page_id's seems optimal.

    Hi there,

    each page you create gets a unique id so there is no way knowing what Ids you need , or even recreate those.

    I would go with page blocks and not the sloppy html code. You can make a link page as placehomder and then set all your pages under this (make it root for those pages you like) and then just open a new pages block in the footer that will read all the pages under this link page place holder. no need to read ids or what so ever.

    You might need the first time to play with css to get the same effect as in the htmls blocks in the footer but thats no big deal.


    Let me make this more clear by images and also the css code (at the end of the post ) you need for that

    1. Make a dummy link page in order to set this as root for your pages


    2. Open a new Pges block in footer, and choose text links as template and mainbox general as Wrapper


    3. On the second tab (content) set Filling to dynamic and parent page the dummy page you just made


    4. go to your visual editor in the custom css and add the css code below (you can change colors if you like)


      5 You are ready! Repeat as many times you like in the footer.


      Css for theme editor

    .ty-footer-menu .ty-text-links__item.ty-level-1 > a {
    color: #a3aaaf;
    .ty-footer-menu .ty-text-links__item.ty-level-1 > a:hover {
    .ty-footer-menu .ty-text-links .ty-level-1 {
    margin-left: 0px;
    margin-bottom: 8px;
    .ty-footer-menu .ty-mainbox-title {
    color: #a3aaaf;
    font-size: 19px;
    font-weight: bold;
    padding-top: 6px;

    Thats it hope this helped you or anyother wanted a more elegant solution with footer menus







    The following image explains how to find page ID. Thanks

    What url do you put in the dummy link?

    This will show up in the breadcrumbs.

    HI yes it shows also in url if you have parent/page.html in your SEO

    I always use shallow urls so just the page and in the link I use the # . So yes it will show up in breadcrumbs so I name this like the Block title in the blocks at the footer. The link # will get the visitor to homepage

    If that is a problem for you , you can always leave them in root, and then in the block at the footer choose fill manually and put aallthe pages you like by hand. It well then be straight forward in breadcrumbs.


    Thanks for replying Fotis.

    I like the idea of using a dummy link as a grouping mechanism in the content section. It allows generating a block with 2nd level menu-items, a side menu with neighbours.

    You can disable the dummy link to hide it in the breadcrumbs but it will leave an empty slot there which does not look good to me.

    cheers, Paul


    CS-Cart should havesomething like a delimiter or Category type item in order to organize pages better. I find that important.


    I manged to change translation of all footer (but when i approach Customer Service block only headline changes using little textedit icon (when clicked window come up )
    Customer Service
    but those 3 not able :

    About your order
    Comparison list

    TextEdit Icon appears but when you click it not function.

    CS cart 4.11.4