How to create a vendor's admin and restrict to certain access

I am unable to find Vendor’s Administration access/restriction
If a vendor hired many of his employees, then how can vendor give permission to there vendor access.

  1. If vendor want to restrict the access only order sections for order processing.
  2. Vendor want to restrict to only product section…

checked the vendor privilege addon, it can create vendor group. But how a vendor can assign the group to new user added for vendor admin.

My vendor hired a person to add products, he tried to add some products but when he deleted, Bymistakes there are so many products was selected and deleted. To prevent of this we need to explore the vendor’s admin permission. But while checking i have not found any solution on google or other place.
Please try to guide me how i can set this.

Hey mate!
If I understood you correctly try to do this.

  1. Open customers
  2. Click on “User groups”
  3. Click “+New user group” to add one
  4. Name the user group e.g “Vendor Item Manager”
  5. Type “vendor”
  6. Tick “No access” on everything else except the privileges you need. Example “Product privileges” and “Order privileges” tick full access.

Part 2
Go back to customers tab

  1. Click on “administrators”
  2. Then click on “vendor’s administrator”
  3. Click “add user”
  4. Enter information of your vendor’s employee. E.g email and password.
  5. Then on storefront, click the drop down to choose your vendor’s shop name.
  6. Continue filling in all the remaining details such as name and address then create. Example name admin as BestBuy product manager

Part 3.
Go back to customers tab and click on administrators

  1. Then click vendor’s administrators
  2. Find your newly created admin. In my example I’d find “BestBuy product manager” and click on the name
  3. Just under the bold admin title, you should see three tabs, “General “ “User groups” “Api access” click on “User groups”
  4. You should see at least two, where one is default named “vendor “. Change status from active to declined.
  5. The other user group named “Vendor Item Manager” should show status as “available“. Change this to active.

Now log in as user, you should only see 3 tabs. Home, orders and products. You can adjust your privileges any time.

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In addition to assign permissions to a vendor user group you will need to activate the the vendor privilages add on.

That’s correct. I assumed they already activated it since they mentioned the addon and looked around the privileges.

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Thanks for your very detailed reply, you are great.

These steps are working but in real company it will not work.

  1. Suppose, my account is on the, and i am a seller of addons, I have hired 5 interns for different roles.
  2. Now i have to send all 5 interns’s email, phone to to create a user with limited access. Cs-cart will inform me after creating there accounts with passwords and all the details.
  3. Now after 2 days two of interns are leaved the company, Now i have to inform the intern details to
  4. Again after 15 days i hired 2 interns,
    This is norman companies flow of running business.

For easy way to handle it is.

  1. Admin can create multiple vendor groups for vendors
  2. When main vendor creating there users, they can assign the group to there vendor sub-admin.

@CS-Cart_team Please check and suggest us. how it can possible so i can discuss with other developers.