How to create a simple pagination display in a grid using my data from my SQL query?

Hello guys,

I am new in CS-Cart but I am an intermediate PHP developer. And I have a knowledge in MVC concepts and Smarty templating. But I am having a hard time studying CS-Cart. To make my story short. I want to create a simple page that will display my data from the func.php to my view. I can display the data from my view using the print_r() PHP function. But I don't have an idea how to display this in a grid using CS-Cart pagination implementation. I looked up in the example of CS-Cart pagination. I replaced the variable that fills the data in the pagination but it doesn't work also. Can you help me with this? At least can you give me some examples of it for the beginner. Or any link that can help me. Ok that's it thanks.

What cs-cart version are you using?


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