How To Create A Page Which Is Password Protected?


we're creating a page which has some manual for vendors signing up (how to guides etc) but we want to have this password protected, is there a way to do that?


As I have understood you correctly, it's possible only with code modification. We can help, contact us.

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You can create pages for specific user groups and assign vendors to these user groups. On the clean installation I can see that customer usergroup can be assigned to vendor administrator

If you use a cs-cart 'page' and want the data restricted to vendors, as ecom suggests, put your vendors into a usergroup.

Unfortunately, 'pages' in cs-cart are only for the 'customer' area which is always in all-stores mode.

If your 'page' is a static page (like a pdf file), then you have lots of options available to you on how to present/restrict the information in the vendor admin area. My suggestion would be to add a link to the my-account menu (using a hook) that is conditional upon $runtime.company_id being non-zero. That will then show a link in the vendor's my-account menu that would point to your static page (like a pdf file). Give a shout if this is outside your ability and we'll be happy to give you a reasonable quote. Click the get-a-quote link in my signature to make the request.