How to create a new database in cscart

hi guys , im new to cscart please anyone got an idea on how to create a database , specify tables and columns , any idea is welcomed thanks

Hello, your question is not fully correct. If you need a clear database you can make a new setup, if you want to add a different database to an existing website then this is a horrible idea ( delays, ORM integration, and many other issues ). Can you clarify your question?

hello @zahidhost maybe you don’t understand my question , at some point in development you might need your own database maybe for your own custom Api , so you will need to be able to create a database , also what do you mean by setup ? and if you worked with custom api ? , how did you get to store you data in the database with images ? thanks waiting for your response

If you want to integrate your specific API in the existing CS-Cart project will be more correct to use the same database. CS-Cart is not a database manager and if you need a custom management you can use phpmyadmin or adminer script. But most correctly will be to create a CS-Cart addon with rules for CRUD tables in the database and all the code that you want to integrate into the project. This is a wiki about addon development Add-on Development — CS-Cart 4.0.x documentation, also you can look into directory /app/addons and find there addons, you can take examples from existing code.

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CS-Cart has such tools. But unfortunately they are not documented

yea, I think they are focused on other priorities , and they forget how hard it is to onboard new people to the system , more importantly developers , there’s little or none to work with .

We have a free course for the new developers:

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@CS-Cart_team where can we get this course ?

Please, follow the link in my previous message :slight_smile: